Marijuana Grow Tips – Beginner, Intermediate and Advanced

We like to keep things as simple as possible when discussing cannabis seed genetics and jellyroll7bx-colorado-marijuana-seeds-450growing methods, but as you can see on our website, we list our seed strains as being suitable for “beginner,” “intermediate,” and “advanced” grows. This might cause some confusion. Here’s some clarity from our Marijuana Grow Tips Q&A series.

Q: I see your strains are listed as being beginner, intermediate and advanced “difficulty.” Can you explain what this means, especially as it pertains to a new grower?

Sam: Someone smarter than me once said that to do anything proficiently is difficult.

I think that in the case of cannabis, to pull off any crop that you are proud of deserves a pat on one’s own back, especially in an indoor environment. That being said there are varieties of cannabis that are relatively more or less difficult to grow.

A plant that would hold a “beginner” designation would be one that outside of the general challenge of growing a plant would be more forgiving of a gardeners shortcomings or environmental limitations.  These plants would deal with being rootbound longer, require less pruning and structural amendments, and would generally be less finicky when it comes to environmental conditions, feeding and general maintenance.

Intermediate plants would be the most common grouping, comprising genetics that will benefit from general gardening practices in order to achieve their potential.

Advanced strains would be more rare and would always contain some boutique element that would justify the struggle, such as an insanely potent and fragrant variety that is lower yielding or prone to overwatering due to a less robust rootstock.

We always try to include detailed information about any tips and tricks we might have, and we certainly feel that any strain we release will offer high rates of success to any gardener, regardless of skill level.

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