Q: How many seeds are in a pack? 

A: 8 seeds per pack. So if you see $65, that’s for 8 seeds.

Q: Do you have more seed strains available that are not on your website?

A: We’ve got amazing new genetics on the way. Stay tuned.

Q: Can I purchase seeds directly from you?

A: Yes, you can order here online.

Q: How do you decide seed pricing?

A: The cost is reflective of their rarity and exclusivity, the time and cost it has taken to breed and refine the genetics, and where the seeds and strains are in their market life cycle.

Q: Do you sell auto-flowering seeds?

A: Our seeds and strains have been bred and grown in a very carefully controlled environment where we focus on producing the highest quality craft cannabis available, which involves very strict control on when our plants go into flower. Auto-flowering seeds do not play well in that kind of situation. Therefore, no, we don’t use or produce or sell auto-flowering seeds.

Q: You have mainly sativa and indicas – but I’m looking for a hybrid.

A: While there are pure sativa and pure indica strains out there, most strains are at least to some degree technically a hybrid. But in order to not parse things out too deeply, if a strain is approximately 60%/40%, 50/50, 0r 40/60 sativa/indica ratio we call it a hybrid. When it goes into 70/30 territory we consider it sativa. On the other end it its 30/70 sativa/indica it’s an “indica.”

Q: What yield should I expect from your seeds?

A: Our yields are significant and yours will be too if you know what you’re doing.

Yield is a function of the genetics combined with anything and everything from your nutrients, lighting, and experience in growing. While there are strains that yield more, or some that yield a less, we don’t make a habit of promising “massive yields” because no one can make that statement in total honesty.

No seed can promise big yields every time – it will ultimately be up to your skill in the garden.

A: What THC content should I expect from your seeds?

The THC levels in our strains from at least at least average (20%) to high (29% or more), and while we aim for high THC levels we also breed for the most potent, highest quality overall experience.

Q: I have questions on how to grow. Can you help?

A: There’s any number of methods, products and steps you may take to grow your plants, and each grower will have to find a path that suits their environment and space and goals – which may wind up being a well-known path taken by many experts over many years.

Throughout our site, we provide tips that we use on how to grow – and you can follow them or forge your own. If you’re a new grower, we’re going to direct you to some of the cornerstone resources for growers – particularly books by Jorge Cervantes and Ed Rosenthal.

Please check out “The Grow Room” section of our site which features a Q&A with our growers and breeders. You may find your questions answered there.

Q: What’s the best way to store seeds?

A: For short term storage, simply put them in a cool, dark, protected place where the temperature will always more or less be the same. For longer-term storage, put them in a bag (to keep them dark) in a mason jar (tighter seal) and put in the back of your fridge. They will last indefinitely, but we recommend using them within one year. In fact, to insure the highest quality seeds and an excellent germination rate, we rarely sell seeds that are more than one year old.

Q: Are there any guarantees or money back if my seeds don’t work.

A: State dispensary laws prevent returns on any purchases. Additionally, our seeds have a germination rate of over 90% and they’ll almost always pop. Additionally, even though they’re incredibly hardy plants and we’ve grown them reliably for years, even the most experienced gardener can kill or damage a cannabis plant.

Since we have no control over how you maintain your seeds or manage your garden, we’re unfortunately unable to provide any guarantees or refunds, and it is is unlikely that your place of purchase will either.