If you grow you know every gardener has their own preferred cultivation methods and often some very specialized ways of doing things.

That means there’s an infinite number of ways to grow and you may find it hard to find quick solutions to issues at hand. Or have a hard time choosing a setup or method that’s exactly right for you.

That being said, there definitely commonalities and somewhat standard practices that most gardeners follow, including ourselves, and it’s from these that we each take our own turns and create our own methods.

We’re very happy to share our own methods. But since there’s so many variables with our customers (level of experience, climate, equipment, nutrients, etc) we tend to stay away from making personalized recommendations.

If you follow us to a “t”, that might work out just fine or you may need need to refine and customize as you go. Either way, we’re happy to share our experiences and see what you can create in your garden. To see what we’ve been talking about visit our Grow Tips blog

We invite you to share your photos and grow information (anonymously is fine) and we’ll share it on our Blog or upcoming forums.