Marijuana Seed Feminization – To Feminize or Not  To Feminize

Many people, especially new growers, ask if our seeds are feminized or non-feminized. They are non-feminized, and here’s why.

We always push the bar and explore all of the newest breeding techniques to elevate the cannabis species and if we’re not finding the best results for our plants or customers we adjust accordingly.

Our experience has shown that some of our feminized seeds don’t yet pass the rigorous standards that we hold for seeds we release due to the higher occurrence of intersex traits. We are working on bringing them into our offering as soon as we feel they ready.

In the meantime, we always remember there’s no guarantee that feminized seeds will yield only females. If your plants experience stress during veg there’s a chance they’re going to exhibit intersexual (male) traits. While we have found this to be much less common with outdoor gardens, your feminized route can still produce male flowers.