Growing Organic Cannabis From Seed

Firstly, an important note about “Organic Marijuana.”

The term “organic” is federally regulated and governed by standards in the Code of Federal Regulations only when used on food or fiber products – and marijuana is not included in either of those departments.

Cannabis is federally illegal at this time and there are no federal guidelines as to what pesticides or fertilizers may be used on cannabis crops.That means there’s legally no such thing as “organic marijuana.” While the term is used liberally, it is not very meaningful without certification and standards.

So what to do if you want to grow “organically? Do what we do and use very carefully sourced, natural and naturally derived methods and ingredients and share that information with your customers.

Some things we include are OMRI Listed ingredients are food-safe and used in certified organic agriculture for food crops.

Click here to download the OMRI-Listed products list.

Should You Grow “Organically”?

If you’re a commercial grower in a legal market, we think so. Firstly, leading cannabis cultivation states such as Colorado and Oregon aren’t waiting for federal guidance and are creating their own lists of pesticides and fertilizers that are prohibited, and all marijuana must now be tested (and clear) of a large and growing number of common agricultural chemicals. If you test positive your crop can be quarantined/destroyed. Additionally if your bud has been used to create edibles or concentrates they will be recalled/destroyed too.

Safety Concerns

Processing marijuana into concentrates like shatter, wax and oils is very common, but the chemicals you use to grow your cannabis get concentrated down along with the THC.

If you’re using banned products like Eagle 20 in your grow, it’ll make it’s way into the concentrates, which can be hazardous to consumer health. In fact, a lab in Colorado tested some concentrates and found the levels of pesticide residue so high, they thought it must be a mistake. If your grow and buds are “clean,” your concentrates will be too.

We’ve Always Grown Naturally

We’ve always been focused on natural botanical methods because it’s the right thing to do for ecological reasons as well as for the health of our customers (and growers) – not to mention it makes the most delicious bud.

We always felt good about doing it our way, but being ahead of the curve and using organic methods and products has allowed us to move forward uninhibited in our grow methods. Other grows that have been relying on chemical pesticides and fertilizers for years are finding that they have to now learn how to grow organically – a steep learning curve.

If you’re intending to grow for a legal, commercial environment you might as well start out as “organic,” because sooner or later you’ll have to be anyway. Your staff will be happier and healthier and you’ll be providing your customers with clean and potent product and be in compliance with regulations.

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